Before WE coat:

  1. All items must be able to handle up to 450 degrees F for 30 minutes
  2. Will it fit? Oven Capacity: 20'X6'X3'
  3. Items bust be cleaned, degreased, disassembled and in standard condition.  All plastic, rubber, gaskets, glass, etc. must be removed.
  4. Pricing includes the cost of standard media blasting and or stripping
  5. Pricing is subject to change without notice.  Estimates are not guarantees.
  6. Occasionally sandblasting uncovers, otherwise unknown issues, such as crack, brakes, dents, bondo, etc.  Elegant Iron is NOT liable for these issues. *These items will incour an additional charge.
  7. Do you need packaging or Shipping?  We ship nationwide.
  8. Elegant Iron is committed to quality control.  We don't do OK, we do WOW.  All items are quality control checked.  
  • Elegant Iron preforms media blasting to remove, rust or paint. Media blasting charges are included in the powder coating price. Chrome, badly rusted, abused, powder coated, lead coated, specialty coats, multiple layers of paint will incur an additional charge.  The removal of Bondo type fillers, seals, plugs, gaskets, seals will be removed for an additional charge.  Bondo MUST be replaced with high temp filler.  Additional Charges Apply.  We Do NOT Powder Coat Magnisium.  A Variety of blast media options including: Walnut, Garnet, Copper Slag, and Sharp Shop are available for an additional fee.

Step 4: Bring it in!

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Option #2: Premium Colors

​​-Wheels up to 20": Cardinal Single Coat Color $125 ea

​​-Wheels larger than 20": Pricing start at $175 ea

-Double Coat + 25%

Step 2: Pricing


Step 3: What You Should Know


Option #1: Standard House Colors

Step 1: Pick your color


M-F 9am-4pm



Tucson, AZ 85719 



-$125 Minimum Order

-Double Colors = Cost + 25% per ea
​​-$150 roundtrip Pickup/Delivery over 10 miles- $75 RT under 10 miles

-Deposits Required on Special Orders

-Turn Around Time 2 Weeks

​-One year warranty

​-No Refunds, Returns or Exchanges. 

​-Orders left over 90 Days are the Property of Elegant Iron

​-Cash, Check and Charge due upon completion​​